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    To create the best bookstore chain,Books heritage, national brand。
    Jiangsu public zhonghua book culture co., LTD is mainly engaged in a nationwide chain of books(The city)Store, investment management and operation。Zhonghua brand originated in the public1927Years,Wang said the public line pavilion,Is located in fuzhou road, Shanghai。After the founding of the brand will no longer use,Until2003Years,Public publishing company in nanjing, the core business district to xinjiekou business district opened its first flagship store——The public press (nanjing)。
    Since2003Years since it opened,“Popular press”Brands have cognitive for the general public,The survey showed,Each16In nanjing residents1Individuals know zhonghua brand of the masses,Each8After xinjiekou region of citizen knows the mass, the location of the old and new flagship store,Popular press each store in the public mind is one of the local cultural landmark。Follow the public publishing company grow together and members of a group of loyal,So far,Bookstore has exceeded the total registered members of the masses100Ten thousand people,The active members32.5Wan,Members in store books purchase proportion has been reached70%。Readers buy books per person in public publishing company members14.8Copies,The data reading quantity far above the national average。

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